Press kit

  • What is 1Sound1Shock ?

1Sound1shock is a trademark  which founds/promotes Artists of Tomorrow !

1Sound1Shock promotes these Artists from different worlds (DJs, Producers, Models, Photographers, Makeup Artists…) by grouping us around Youtube Videos.

  • How 1Sound1Shock promotes Artists ?

1Sound1Shock takes care of promoting these artists through our networks (Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram, 500px…). For all 1Sound1Shock’s productions, credits of all involded artists are presents to allow the end user to know and follow the artists on their business accounts.

  • Who can become a 1Sound1Shock’s Artist  ?

Everyone can become a 1Sound1Shock’s Artist. Leave a message on the contact page to present us your talent (don’t forget to include a link to your Artist’s page). Our team will check your link and give you as soon is possible a feedback.